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Brand protection, by definition is the process by which businesses safeguard their intellectual property and associated brands against counterfeiters and others who infringe on their trade secrets. Trademarks, copyrights, patents, and designs are examples of commercial secrets.

Not only does brand protection defend against income loss, but it also protects the company's reputation and image. In simple terms brand protection is the process of preventing a brand from being abused or misused.

What is brand protection?

A company's brand is incredibly important for the company image since it establishes a perception in the customers minds. Every time a customer buys something from your brand or hears something about it their perception will be influenced. Counterfeit items will not deliver the same level of quality as your products and will hence aggravate your customers' perception of your brand. As a result, protecting your brand is vital, because growing brand recognition raises the danger of counterfeiting.

The importance of brand protection

As with any valuable asset, risks arise if you do not put adequate measures in place to protect your brand. Inadequate brand security leaves your brand susceptible to the various threats that exist. Poor or non-existent brand protection may harm a company's reputation and brand value, erode consumer loyalty, loose partner trust, and reduce profitability. Consequently, adequate brand protections is essential for every company and brand.

The risks of inadequate brand protection

Blue Cromos can help you protect your brand from the risks posed by counterfeit items. We can ensure the authenticity of your products by assigning each product a unique digital identity by utilizing our exclusive patented technology. Hence, allowing all relevant stakeholder in the supply chain to authenticate your products, ensuring that no counterfeits enter the distribution network. Thus, the end user always receive the intended product, which they of course also can authenticate when received. Protecting your brand from reputational harm.

We help you protect your brand

Brand protection is essential for every business, regardless of the industry affiliation which they engage in. Blue Cromos works for all product types in all industries to protect brands against the numerous brand hazards that exist. No matter what product size or type we will help you.

Blue Cromos works for everyone

Luxury goods
Consumer goods
Industry Examples

Examples of industries in which we operate:

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Do you need more information?

Please contact us and we will happily tell you more about how we can help protect your brand.

Brand Protection

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