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Blue Cromos is a leading purveyor of brand protection solutions. We offer our clients and stakeholders virtues of valuable solutions, ranging from brand protection to business data. We have over 20 years of manufacturing experience and today we are able to help anyone, anywhere.

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Become More Sustainable

Companies are responsible for more than two-thirds of global emissions, with the supply chain accounting for approximately 90% of them. These indirect missions are generated by resources that the firm does not own or control, but which it indirectly touches in its value chain, such as purchased goods and services, transportation, business travel, and garbage generated during operations. By using our solution isTrax companies can monitor their products through the value chain receiving more basis for decision making regarding carbon emissions and supply chain efficiency. isTrax also enables the option for your company to meet authority regulations, improve transparency and ease recycling.

Save Lives

Counterfeit products are becoming increasingly common, negatively affecting various industries. Counterfeit medicine has been a major problem in the pharmaceutical industry, resulting in patients' diseases not being cured, severe adverse effects, and death. Besides endangering the lives of millions of people, counterfeit medicine also results in lost taxable revenue, the empowerment of criminals, distrust in governments and the pharmaceutical industry amongst the public. All of these issues could be resolved by using our solution isAuthentic to authenticate medicines used all around the world. Keep your brand and your customers safe with isAuthentic.

Increase Transparency

In business, transparency is the foundation for trust between a company and its investors, customers, partners, and workers. Being transparent entails being truthful and open when speaking with stakeholders regarding business-related issues. Transparency in business can take many various shapes depending on the nature of the communication and the stakeholders involved, but the end goal is always the same: to create and maintain the firm's reputation for openness and honesty in its commercial transactions. By using our solutions we provide your company with supply chain insight, product authentication and business data to improve decision making. This information can be shared, if wanted, with your company stakeholders to improve company transparency. Hence, bolstering the trust for your company and brand.

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