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We are a tech company located in Malmö, Sweden. We are devoted to providing customers with the highest quality solutions available for every brand protection need.

About Us


We are spread around the world.

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Our customers are from many countries.

Years of Experience

Our company have a great history.

Discover Our Story

We are a bunch of smart people with backgrounds from all around the world with the vision of making the market safer and more sustainable with our brand protection applications. 

We have developed a platform for secure and future-proof brand protection applications with the aim that our solution works for everyone. 

Sustainability is one of Blue Cromos core values. We are dedicated to consistently improving all elements of sustainability, from manufacturing, through the entire product life cycle to recycling, we are cooperating with partners, suppliers, and users to improve the sustainability of the supply chain in which we operate. We wish to contribute to the transition to a circular economy as soon as possible.

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Blue Cromos started as a consultant company within manufacturing. We have worked with large global companies and have knowledge in manufacturing with Industrie 4.0. Been working with Transformation like machine executing systems (MES) and digitalisation of factories. 


New Focus

In 2022, prioritizing brand protection, Blue Cromos relocated to its inaugural office at Jörgen Kocksgatan, Malmö. This move accompanied substantial growth, as the company expanded its workforce from 2 to 10 employees, marking a significant milestone in its development.


Growth Continued

Throughout 2023, our expansion persisted, attracting more bright minds to our ranks. By the onset of the year, we further enlarged our office, securing an additional space opposite the existing one, fortifying our capacity for innovation and collaboration. Our commitment to growth remained unwavering.



We're getting bigger quickly and putting in a lot of effort. Let's wait and see what's next for Blue Cromos. We're excited to see where we're headed and ready for whatever comes our way.

Over 10 Years of Experience

From our founding vision to milestones that shaped our journey, each chapter reflects our commitment to innovation and client success.


Do You Need More Information?

Please contact us and we will happily tell you more about how we can help protect your brand.

+46 40 682 03 22

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