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What We Do

The Blue Cromos platform provides anti-counterfeiting technology, the application provides brand protection, authenticity control, identification, environmental impact monitoring, and production quality control. Blue Cromos solves several issues when implementing a camera into the production line. By scanning products in the production line, we provide multiple applications that are beneficiary for our customers, end users, and authorities. It is a tailored solution that does not alter manufacturing, product, or packaging – no need to change the manufacturing process, packages, ink, or label design.

Digital twin technology is used to create an exact digital replica (fingerprint) of each individual item or package. The unique fingerprint is stored securely in the cloud, meaning that purchasers, distributors, retailers, and consumers can verify the product's authenticity by scanning it with a simple-to-use mobile app.

Blue Cromos creates a digital twin fingerprint with imaging technology and AI to capture and analyze unique features. The AI system uses the captured images to generate the unique fingerprint. The digital twin fingerprint can then be used to authenticate the item at every stage of its journey – from distribution and retail to end usage and recycling.

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Sustainability is one of Blue Cromos core values. We are dedicated to consistently improving all elements of sustainability, from manufacturing, through the entire product life cycle to recycling, we are cooperating with partners, suppliers, and users to improve the sustainability of the supply chain in which we operate. We wish to contribute to the transition to a circular economy as soon as possible.

Our product platform works with sustainability in the following areas: anti-counterfeit solutions, product and company transparency, supply chain insight, and information regarding recycling.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help your company's sustainability goals.


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