Business Process Management

Blue Cromos business analysis team is working hard to help you take control over your business.


We have our own certified specialists working jointly with the best experts in the industry.


  • Business analytics -Intelligence & Optimization.


  • Task driven management and control.


  • KPI´s and reports.


  • Customer growth and retention strategies.


  • Pricing analysis and strategies.


  • Big Data use and management of data and data analytics.


  • Organizational structure and design.


  • Compliance and Regulations, ISO standards or National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), C-SOX, Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA, Financial Reporting Council (FRC), Finans Inspektionen (FI) and many more.

Our Services - BPM consultants

  • We offer end to end company analysis, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and optimization.


  • Analysis and improvement of the whole process from idea to deployment.


  • Report and feedback on optimization and improvement of processes and daily operations.


  • We suggest and implement KPIs as well as Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Business Optimization solutions.


  • Process supportive system implementation, we offer you and integrate the best possible operational task driven systems supported by KPI's and Business Analytics.


  • Task driven systems - Organize and take control over ad hoc work done by your organization.


  • Using our solution helps your company to be partially or 100% compliant with the regulations that your company needs to be compliant with.

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Business Process Management, BPM consultants

BPM Consultants Blue Cromos Management Group
BPM Consultants Blue Cromos Management Group

Blue Cromos Management, BPM Consultants

BPM Consultants Blue Cromos Management Group
Supportive systems
- Save money and time by complementing your existing systems like SAP, any CRM, MS Dynamics with one unified solution, harmonizing your way of working and showing more accurate Business Analytics.
- Get more efficiency and control over your daily operations.
- We start with a smaller project and move on  to improve other areas in a steady pase.
Proof of concept
- There are many companies world wide using the IBM Business Process Management system on top of existing solutions.
- No matter if it is a simple cloud solution or you have advanced systems from other suppliers, we design and make a unified collaboration UI on top of that.
- By focusing on your business, KPI´s that matters and bringing more efficiency by optimizing your existing systems, you will see ROI much quicker than re-designing everything from the very beginning.



Today business analytics and optimization (BAO) is helping organizations in every industry use information for business advantage. It is helping them meet objectives such as growth, competitive differentiation and cost management by making choices about what markets to pursue, how to configure and price offerings, and how to make operations more effective and efficient.


​As a IBM partner Blue Cromos Management is implementing the cutting edge daily task systems to support the employees of a company. No matter if you are a mature business with high end demands or a small company with a out of the box need, Blue Cromos Management finds the right angle of system integation level for the purpose.



BPO is a systematic approach that emphasizes repeatability and replaces heroic efforts and one-time improvements. BPO shifts the focus to business innovation or what should be different in a process (business outcomes), rather than solely requirements gathering or process modeling. The emphasis in BPO is on comprehensive change – not on incrementally improving systems or processes, but re-engineering the business to realize gains through emerging technology exploitation.


BPO renders enduring structural changes in organization that are necessary for innovation, business outcome, or both. We define business agility as the collective capabilities and constructs allowing a business to continuously transform in order to achieve its business outcomes, and to be predictive, flexible, responsive, and launch business initiatives in times of change and uncertainty. BPO makes this possible using building blocks focusing on business performance in which business agility is not only what you do but what you become.

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Business Process Optimization

Variation-oriented business analysis recognizes the changing nature of the business ecosystem and seeks to optimize business processes through correct design, planning, execution monitoring and optimization. Variation-oriented business optimization helps manage and mitigate complexity in ambiguous, unpredictable and murkily evolving circumstances using business sensors in the business context to trigger the smart changes needed to adapt and to optimize the response. Blue Cromos Management Group.