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Protect Your Brand 

isAuthentic does not disrupt the manufacturing process, product, or packaging in any way. Our product is seamless and lets our clients remain themselves. isAuthentic provides world-class counterfeit protection, without altering the procedures of our clients.

Accessible and Insightful

isAuthentic is accessible, easy to use, and quick to install. Customers can protect their brands from counterfeit hazards without any hassle. Out-of-the-box installation makes it effortless to install our hardware and enjoy our software.

How does isAuthentic work?

isAuthentic scans every single product and assigns each unit with a digital product ID and a digital twin is created and saved for later comparison. It enables users to swiftly authenticate their products using an app, receiving results within seconds if it is a genuine or fake product.

Simple and Fast

isAuthentic shuts down counterfeiters early in the process before they cause any harm. Helps authenticate original products quickly, wherever they are. Items can be checked anywhere in the logistic chain.

Scanning of package
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