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How does isPassport work?

Displays product information and data about sustainability throughout the course of the products' life. In order to check, manage, and improve the sustainability of their products, businesses can use our platform for a circular economy, distribution of product information as well as information about certifications made by the third part. All according to GS1 standards.

Access of product data

Our platform not only carries product data in an open architecture as stated by the EU requirements for digital product passports. Not all data should be openly accessed though. With IsPassport you can choose what data should be accessed openly and what data needs permissions to be retrieved, by whom, and when. IsPassport facilitates different access levels of product data.

Why is it needed? 

Digital product passports (DPP) are part of the EU´s Sustainable Product Initiative. The DPP is intended to be an easily accessible catalog of information covering the entire product lifecycle, from the traceability of component parts to repair and recycling.

Sustainable choices

A reasons to have a DPP with all information gathered is to be able to track Carbon footprint to make the consumer able to make more sustainable choices. Open sustainability data provides increased global visibility for the brand and towards consumers.

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