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Luxury Goods

​Luxury Goods 

Counterfeits can tarnish a luxury brand´s reputation and erode consumer trust, impacting the entire luxury goods market. As traditional brand protection methods prove costly and inefficient, safeguarding your brand is a critical challenge in today´s ever-growing counterfeit landscape. 

​Significant Reputation Damage and Financial Losses

Counterfeiting in the luxury goods market leads to significant reputation damage and financial losses. For instance, the fake cosmetics industry, valued at $5.4 billion in 2016. The problem is growing, creating serious health risks for consumers due to the presence of harmful chemicals, resulting in thousands of adverse effect reports. 

A contributing factor to the increase of counterfeit luxury goods are the growth of online shopping by consumers, it drives the value of the fake and pirated goods market up. The consumer are not always aware that they have purchased a counterfeited product until it is too late. The item can be poorly manufactured, defective, or harmful to consumer. The definition of a luxury good product is often an expensive brand associated with high quality and worthy of its high price tag. 

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