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ProTrack is a project funded by Vinnova within the Advanced Digitization Program together with Ahlsell, GS1, and Blue Cromos. The goal of ProTrack is to create consolidated and validated product passports in an automated way based on modern AI technology and blockchain technology, which will help set the standard and shape future EU-compliant product passports. Traceability in the supply chain. The project will create better quality in the product passports that reach the end customer. Blockchain technology ensures that DPP information is accurate, up-to-date, and protected against manipulation or falsification.

Vinnova is Sweden's innovation agency. Their mission is to strengthen Sweden's innovative capacity and contribute to sustainable growth. They work to ensure that Sweden is an innovative force in a sustainable world.


The goal of the ProTrack project is to automatically and based on modern AI technology and blockchain technology, create consolidated and validated product passports that will help set the standard and shape of the future EU-adapted product passports. The project will create increased traceability in the supply chain with regard to, among other things, sustainability and origin enabled by the validation of product data from subcontractors in and outside the EU. The project will thus create better quality in the product passports that reach the end customer and the market. The project will develop, test, and evaluate an innovative solution for distributed data management using blockchain technology and distributed data sources.


Meeting the need for the following:
Verified functionality with distributed data and distributed DPP from suppliers or distributors that fulfill Ahlsell's need for DPP in line with standards and regulations. Secure and easy way to integrate with and update internal systems with a mix of open data and proprietary product data with limited availability.

Partners ProTrack 

Ahlsell is a leading distributor of installation products, tools, and consumer goods primarily in the Nordic and Eastern Europe region. The company offers a wide range of high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to professional users. An integral part of Ahlsell's operations relies on its robust logistics system, ensuring efficient and timely delivery to meet customer demands.


A global organization where GS1 Sweden is one of 115 member countries. Offers a common digital language for businesses through unique identification, accurate labeling, and automatic data sharing for products, locations, and other physical objects.


Technical development company with 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry with a focus on delivering a leading brand protection solution with its patented technology platform.

Blue Cromos

The ProTrack Project in Short: 

Project Period:
November 2023-June 2025
Project Management:
Blue Cromos
Technical Management:
Blue Cromos
Stakeholder Management:
Blue Cromos
Technical Development:
Blue Cromos
Brand Owners:
Ahlsell, GS1, Blue Cromos
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