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Blue Cromos secures 1.3 million SEK from Sweden's Public Innovation Agency (Vinnova)

YAY! The Swedish Public Innovation Agency – Vinnova – recognises the potential of our work to build a commercial infrastructure to manage the data for digital product passports (and more) securely and effectively.


They have granted us 1.3 million SEK for joint development together with Ahlsell and GS1 to do so. Work is already underway.


We're building a supply chain for data

In essence, we're building a secure and flexible supply chain for data about products, in parallel to the established supply chain for the physical product.


Looking beyond digital product passports

While the immediate trigger for this development is the digital product passports about to be required for all products sold in the European Union, we look beyond and see a way to handle all kinds of data and metadata for physical products, a fascinating potential for business development. Just spend a moment to imagine what kind of digital value you could add to your physical products when we're ready!

Pressrelease Vinnova Eng
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