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Combine agile data access with product authentication and what do you get?

The answer to the headline is: You get a reliable digital data supply chain, ready for digital product passports!

Two paths of development...

Since the start of Blue Cromos, our development efforts have focused on two areas:

  1. Identifying and authenticating items using computer vision algorithms

  2. Management of product data (including the identification details) over the life cycle of product items

#1 has manifested itself primarily in our isAuthentic service for product authentication while #2 has focused on providing a data access service compliant with the coming EU digital product passports (in addition to the obvious purpose of enabling the isAuthentic service).

...combining for added possibilities and value

Our vision has long been to combine the two streams to build added business value and opportunity.

One obvious avenue is to boost reliability of the digital product passports by combining the data access with an authentication that the item is genuine, ensuring that the data actually apply to it. Data for the genuine item is not likely to be relevant for a cheap, corner-cutting copy.

But add transactional data and additional meta data to the mix and you get a revolution in the handling of product data!

On purpose, we avoid using the expression "management" of product data, because that is exactly what we're avoiding. We want to eradicate all the duplicated management of data that is done today, multiplying efforts as well as the risk of errors through copying mishaps, omissions, forgotten or delayed updates and misunderstandings.

A digital data supply chain

Add to that, the ease of reliable addition of transactional data and other data events throughout the life cycle of the product item. Reliable since it is coupled with item authentication and identification.

The result: A reliable, agile, distributed digital data supply chain. A digital twin of the physical product, with original product data, compliant with the digital product passports, but also much more.

Why not easy to reach manuals for installation, handling and maintenance for starters, and records of installation, service, ownership changes....? All compliant with established standards of course. And secure, verified for authenticity, agile and current.

Just imagine what this will mean for trust, ease of use and business opportunity as you realise how to turn supplementary data into added business value; both the basic types we mention here but, more important, what you may realise could add value to your customers.

Combining and growing the power of our two tracks of development
Combining and growing the power of our two tracks of development

Image by NirutiStock on iStock


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