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Do you want to protect your carefully crafted brand from getting degraded into a commodity?

Counterfeiters don't only erode your profits, your reputation and create hazards from manufacturing to recycling. If left unchallenged, they might well degrade your brand into a commodity. 


Just look at footage in the news from humanitarian catastrophes around the world where famous designer labels tend to appear as often as in your home town – although the designs don't look that fashionable. 


Protect your brand with product authentication. 


But let's do that product authentication effectively and easily: 

🔵 Without messing with your carefully designed product and packaging 

🔵 Without expensive messing with your sleek and optimised production line (avoiding production stoppages to install equipment to apply "fancy labels or magic ink") 

🔵 With dead easy product authentication in the field. Just a smart phone, an app and no higher demands for distance or light than your average selfie? 

🔵 Without complex and expensive business models 

🔵 for almost any kind of packaged product (not only luxury goods) 


Just reach out to us at Blue Cromos to ask about isAuthentic. Click here to get in touch  


We might give you a couple of ideas on how to even add more value to your product in addition to easily verifying authenticity. 


We're the ones cutting the edge   

At Blue Cromos, we don't add fancy labels. We don't add "magic" ink. Nor do we add any transmitters of any kind. We do product authentication like nobody else, using our patented fingerprinting technology. We're cutting the edge of technology to make life easy for you.  

Counterfeiters don't only erode your profits, your reputation and create hazards from manufacturing to recycling. If left unchallenged, they might well degrade your brand into a commodity.    Just reach out to us at Blue Cromos to ask about isAuthentic to learn about smart and easy product authentication.     We might give you a couple of ideas on how to even add more value to your product in addition to easily verifying authenticity. 
Counterfeiters can be creativ too, apparently 

Image by Chuck Coker on Flickr 



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