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Fighting counterfeit products across industries

Fighting counterfeiting has become much easier! Luxury apparel or industrial components? Similar challenge – same solution.

Jack and Bill hadn't met since business school a loooong time ago. Suddenly, they bump into each other at the airport and decided to have a coffee and compare notes.

They soon realise that they have both made good careers, but in widely different industries. However, it turns out that they have concerns in common...

Jack: I'm CEO. Designer apparel. Luxury handbags, scarves... the lot. Rodeo Drive, style, you know. And you?

Bill: CEO too, but totally different. Industrial components. Worlds apart!

Jack: Sure sounds so. But things are often different from first impressions. For example; I thought my biggest challenge would be investors and big egos. But it's the scammers eroding our brand value by flooding the market with cheap copies.

Bill: THAT we DO have in common! We have huge problems with counterfeit spare parts. But our problems don't stop at eroding brand value.

Jack: No? How do you mean?

Bill: Well, it puts a lot of pressur on our service organisation and on relations with long-time customers. We get called out by annoyed customers to fix problems caused by them having bought fake spare parts. They finally calm down again, of course, and end up happy that we can help them. But nobody likes realising they have been fooled and that the problem is their own fault.

Jack: Wow! I thought counterfeits was an issue for luxury goods, only.

Bill: Naturally. Because that's what consumers worry about. But they should be even more worried about fake spare parts. Just imagine if they get put in the car you drive or the lorry you meet. Or your train or aircraft. They usually look alright, but the quality is inferior, just like for apparel.

Jack: YIKES! When you put it like that, fakes take on a whole new dimension.

Bill: It does, doesn't it? But not for much longer.   Jack: No? How do you mean?

Bill: We've just signed with isAuthentic, an efficient and easy way of product authentication. It's an easy, unintrusive, installation at the factory that doesn't cause extra standstills and then you just use a mobile app to authenticate in the field.

Jack: Brilliant! Hey, is that just for industrial products?   Bill: No, as fat as I understand, it can be used for almost anything.

Jack: Great! IsAuthentic, you said?   Bill: isAuthentic indeed. By Blue Cromos.

We're the ones cutting the edge 

At Blue Cromos, we don't add fancy labels. We don't add "magic" ink. Nor do we add any transmitters of any kind. We do product authentication like nobody else, using our patented fingerprinting technology. We're cutting the edge of technology to make life easy for you.

Curious? Get in touch!

Do you want to learn more about how isAuthentic can help you fight the counterfeiters? Just get in touch here


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