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Fighting counterfeiters is a breeze – nowadays

Lauren and Harvey bumped into each other in the hotel lobby. First time in ages that they saw each other, apart from on LinkedIn, that is.

Fighting counterfeiters is a breeze – nowadays

Hey, I saw you shifted jobs recently! Chief Commercial Officer, right? In......sports equipment, right?

Exactly. Suits me perfectly. You know me, right? You're still with your old company, right? In automotive components, no?

Sure thing. But I was made CCO, too, last year. Same role – Different industries. How's sports equipment then?

A dream come true for me. Combining my passion for sports with my experience in sales and leadership. But, I've actually met challenges I didn't expect to be as great: counterfeiters. I thought they we''re primarily an issue for luxury goods!

Aaaaah. Common misconception. We had big issues with counterfeiting even in my industry. And you can imagine what kind of problems you can get when you're dealing with parts critical for safety.

Geeeez. That was news to me. Even in something as mundane as auto components. But you said "Had" not "Have". That intrigues me.

Well spotted. Indeed, we have much less of a problem nowadays. It's become a breeze to fight counterfeiters, actually. Since we started using isAuthentic from Blue Cromos, that is. Tell me more. I'm all ears!

They've made it ridiculously easy to tell fakes from authentic. Our reps or selected customers just scan items with their smartphone in ordinary light and the app will tell them if it's fake or legit. In seconds! We can't stop counterfeiters from trying, of course. But we can stop them early in their tracks. Without having to spend millions in legal fees. Not to talk about the time lost.

Yeah? That sounds fantastic! Is it some transmitter in the package or something?

Easy to suspect, indeed. But actually not. They just use the original product or package. Nothing added! That's also why it was so easy for the production guys to agree. It doesn't interfere with their production lines.

Expensive? Naaaaah. Very decent cost. Well worth the money. Low investment and predictable costs. Plus we save on legal fees and stop counterfeiters in their tracks. Win – win – win!

I'll reach out right away. It would rid me of a major headache and make me an immediate hero in my new company! Thanks! You owe me a drink. 😉

If you, too, want to make fighting counterfeiters a breeze, just reach out at

Credits: Images by NoSystem images on iStock


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