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How will you provide the information required by the EU deforestation directive? We have a future-proofing suggestion.

Hey retailers and agents in the forestry industry, are you ready yet for the deforestation directive?

At the end of this year, all major operators and traders are expected to have implemented the EU deforestation directive, while micro and small enterprises have a longer period to adapt.

May we suggest a smooth way to get sorted? (if you're not done already)

A way that will facilitate for you to integrate with other industries for years to come, even.

As stated in this blog post at, there are substantial similarities between the two sets of regulations. Digital Product Passports will come to effect by the end of 2027. One of the initial industries to be required to comply is furniture, which might be interesting for anyone in forestry.

Under the digital product passport regulations (DPP), it will be required to supplement products sold in the EU with easy to access data on circularity, environmental impact and responsible sourcing and production. The last part reads; "certificates on absence of conflict minerals, forced- or child labour or deforestation".

We have developed a methodology and infrastructure to "assemble", manage and distribute the DPP data, transparently but with access control. Easily. A methodology and infrastructure that could just as well be used to manage and distribute information required by the deforestation directive! If your data were available on that platform, you'd be all set to comply also with DPP and to integrate with your business partners getting into DPP in the next few years.

Doesn't that sound like a great idea? Rather than having to shift platforms or be forced to get involved in an integration initiative in just six or twelve months after launching your data for the deforestation directive?

Interested? Just reach out at

The deforestation directive requires declaring, down to a precision of just about 100 meters, where the original timber grew (and six other crops). And that it was grown in ways that did not contribute to deforestation. The regulation has many similarities with the regulation on digital product passports and we suggest, therefore, to use the same digital platform for handling and distribute the data; isPassport by Blue Cromos.
Efficient forestry, maybe. But with doubtful sustainability.

Image by eppicphotography on iStock


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