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Impressions from Hannover Messe

Last week, Blue Cromos attended the huge, industrial Hannover Messe. This year we doubled the number of employees bringing their curiosity and best walking shoes to Hannover.

Blue Cromos team at the Hannover Messe

Having returned, we've asked the team for their impressions, which we'd like to summarise here:

  • AI is the buzzword everybody use – even when their solution rather uses advanced analytics than proper AI. How long will you be able to "stick the AI-label" onto almost any widget or solution? How long will it take until the majority sees through the smoke-screen?

  • Twins is another buzzword – be they digital, virtual or operational.

  • Industry 4.0 is the new norm. But the horizon is already shifting towards Industry 5.0, where the synergy of human creativity and advanced tech promotes environmental care and seamless collaboration between people and machines.

  • More focus on production processes and automation than last year, assisted by AI, of course.

  • Cloud is a given nowadays. It's no more a buzzword with a value by itself. Focus has shifted to the values offered via the cloud.

  • The interest in digital product passports was greater than the presence of solutions on display.

  • The Giant IT companies seem hungry for innovative startups to incubate.

  • Sometimes, people seemed to know embarrassingly little about the company they represented as well as their vision and value added. Not rarely this correlated with an over use of filler- and buzzwords.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we attended the gathering arranged by Teknikföretagen (Technology Industries of Sweden) of some 40 Swedish companies where we made interesting acquaintances and built bonds with other Swedish entrepreneurs.

We returned home to Malmö more enthused and excited than exhausted.

And reassured that we're on the right track, both in unintrusive product authentication and in building the distributed data supply chain for digital product passports.

Blue Cromos team at the Hannover Messe
Blue Cromos team at the Hannover Messe



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