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Is your marketing budget like a leaking bucket?

You invest in product development, branding, and marketing.....and the counterfeiters reap your benefits, not only your profits? 


Let's fix those holes in the bucket! 

Counterfeiters don't only steal your profits, but erode your brand value too 


Both you and we know that stealing the fruits of your investments in product development, design, branding, production, and marketing is only part of the damage caused by counterfeiters. 


In addition, knock-offs are often sub-standard, cause unnecessary wear and tear for your customers, production interruptions, environmental hazards, and even dangers for health and safety! 


And all that reflects badly on you, as those hit will believe it was your product that failed them. They thought they bought the real deal. 


IsAuthentic: Easy for you. Hard for counterfeiters 

With isAuthentic, we make it easy for you to stop counterfeiters by making product authentication easy and smooth, as well as effective. 


🔵 Easy on design of product and packaging as nothing is added. No labels, no ink, no nothing. 


🔵 Easy on production as isAuthentic is unintrusive to your production line. No long stops to install. 


🔵 Easy to authenticate in the field. A hand-held smartphone, the isAuthentic app, and conditions sufficient for a selfie – that's all you need 


🔵 Easy business model that puts product authentication within reach also for high volume industrial products. Not only for luxury items. 


🔵 Easy to get stakeholders on board – because of the previous four bullets. 


We're the ones cutting the edge   

At Blue Cromos, we don't add fancy labels. We don't add "magic" ink. Nor do we add any transmitters of any kind. We do product authentication like nobody else, using our patented fingerprinting technology. We're cutting the edge of technology to make life easy for you.  

Curious? Get in touch!  

Do you want to learn more about how isAuthentic can help you fight the counterfeiters? Just get in touch here  

Is your budget for product development, branding and marketing like a leaking budget? You invest and the counterfeiters reap the benefits? 

Illustration from iStock Photo 



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