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Sarah, a Sales Rep with Anti-Counterfeit Super Powers!

Imagine your Sales Reps being able to easily identify when fake products make their way into your distribution chain and take action. Like Sarah….

Sarah was on her regular tour of her district, visiting the big retailers of the brand of premium sneakers she worked for. She expected the usual discussions on the upcoming collection, displays, shelf space and so on.

While she waited for the department manager to finish helping a customer, she remembered the isAuthentic app she recently got installed on her company phone.

"Why not test it while I wait?" she thought. She casually authenticated a pair of sneakers. FAKE! “What the…...” she thought! She authenticated a second pair. FAKE TOO! She started to doubt the app, but the third pair passed the test.

Not the fourth, though. The fifth was ok....

By the time the department manager arrived, she had authenticated an entire section, finding that most of them were counterfeit even if they looked legitimate on sight.

Albert, the department manager, got upset when she told him. And a bit doubtful about her findings.

After all, this was the first time he had experienced anything like this. Sarah agreed that they needed to do more in-depth verification but asked if there could be some pattern in what had happened. Albert looked in the books and found that the fake products had all arrived during the same week via the same delivery service. A new delivery service offering much better prices.

“Hrmmmm” Sarah said, “I start to understand why their prices are low. I suppose you do too, Albert?”

They set the wheels turning, alerting the legal departments of both companies as well as the Brand Protection Officers. They realised what the cost for both companies could be if this was allowed to go on. And... they removed all the counterfeit products from the shelves.

The ease of product authentication with isAuthentic had proven its' worth on the first try.

We're the ones cutting the edge 

At Blue Cromos, we don't add fancy labels. We don't add "magic" ink. Nor do we add any transmitters of any kind. We do product authentication like nobody else, using our patented fingerprinting technology. We're cutting the edge of technology to make life easy for you.

Curious? Get in touch!

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