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Blue Cromos offers cutting-edge protection for your brand, ensuring its integrity and reputation in the digital landscape. Trust us to safeguard your brand's future with innovative security solutions.

Where Protection Meets Innovation

Our Products

Digital Product Passport
Scan with mobile and authenticate the package.
Quality control in the factory.

Our Technology

Blue Cromos platform provides anti-counterfeiting technology, the application provides brand protection, authenticity control, identification, and production quality control.

Why Blue Cromos?

Fast and reliable solution
Fast and Reliable Solutions
Tailored to suit your every need
Tailored to Suit Your Every Need
20 years industry expertise
Over 20 Years Industry Expertise
Non-intrusive installation and implementation
Non-Intrusive Installation and Implementation
Patented Unique Technology
Our solutions work for everyone
Our Solutions Work For Everyone

About Blue Cromos

We have over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry which sparked our desire to improve brand protection.

Logistic chain
Jörgen Kocksgatan 9 Malmö
Phone Number:
+46 40 682 03 22
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