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One Platform - Several Benefits

Blue Cromos solves several issues through one scan. By scanning products in the production line we provide multiple applications that are beneficiary for our customers, end users and authorities. With one scan Blue Cromos can offer brand protection, product transparency, consumer safety, authenticity control and more.

Our Products

We help our clients become better versions of themselves.


isAuthentic is a non-invasive anti-counterfeit solution that enables users to easily authenticate products. By using isAuthentic companies can avoid hazards posed by counterfeit-products, border patrol can stop fake products from entering and leaving regional markets and users are guaranteed their intended products. isAuthentic is product authentication at its very best.

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Product Authentication


isPassport assigns each individual produced unit with a digital passport that contains detailed information about the product and components used. isPassport provides product insight, improves company transparency, reduce labor cost in the supply chain and eases recycling. isPassport is the future of product data.

Digital Product Passport


isQuality provides quality control in the manufacturing process, by detecting quality deviations before they occur and preventing them from happening. isQuality reduces costs in production and maintenance, whilst maintaining and improving the quality of products. isQuality is the first step in engaging with the Blue Cromos platform and it creates a foundation for the rest of the product applications to work.

Quality Assurance


isTrax is a downstream traceability solution which allows clients to distribute transactional data.

Downstream Traceability
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